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Answers to comming questions

Because I'm out of town, I wanted to post the answers to the most common questions so you're not left waiting for an "easy answer".


Q. How do I cancel my recurring subscription?

A. Just go to https://support.ccbill.com

Q. How do I change my credit card number?

A. CCBILL makes this a pain, you have to go https://support.ccbill.com ,

cancel your membership and once your current time period expires, add in a new

subscription (to your existing DOC id) with your new details.

Q. I saw my pic on here and want to have it removed. How do I do it?

A. Click "report photo" or send us the complete URL to the photo

and we'll remove it. Normally this would happen within hours

but becuase I'll have limited access to email, it may take days.

For access issues or video feed problems in general, check here and here.

For any other inquiries, please use the contact form and be patient. We will respond at out first chance to do so.